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Paying tribute to two of the greatest video game music soundtrack composers

May 8, 2015

There names are almost a household item when it comes to gaming. For the older audience you may know one of them from hit games like Streets of Rage, Actraiser, and the Revenge of Shinobi. Yuzo Koshiro himself has been there and done that when it comes to making some of the greatest video game music soundtracks ever made.

If it has great music, chances are he's had his fingers in that pie, but did you also know his handy work has crossed over into the Castlevania realm? Indeed, and you may have had it sitting in the palm of your hand at some point.

Portrait of Ruin was a Castlevania game with a twist. It moved somewhat outside of the realm of just running through Dracula's castle all the time, and put you in environments like a pyramid, ruins, and old forest settings. It also introduced the rather "tag team" effect of switching between yourself and your female partner, a must have for getting to those hard to reach places.

Why was it called Portrait of Ruin? Because it had portraits of course, which served as a portals into other worlds and levels.

Also known as "Akumaj┼Ź Dracula: Gallery of Labyrinth" and translated to "Devil's Castle Dracula: Gallery of Labyrinth" POR is a continuation of the story from Bloodlines, and also featured the same double character game play that expands from the previous Dawn of Sorrow title.

Together they can unleash a special attack called "Duel Crush", as well as work together to solve puzzles and get to places otherwise unreachable by a single player.

While it received a number of awards and good responses from the review sites, it also had an incredible soundtrack to boot. One worthy of the names Michiru Yamane, and an honorable mention of the great Yuzo Koshiro.

Tracks like "Invitation of a Crazed Moon" must be heard to be appreciated. So let's do that right now shall we? Here are some mp3 downloads you can listen to from the game soundtrack itself. I recommend all of them of course.

01-Portrait of Ruin.MP3

02-Name Entry.MP3

03-Birth of War.MP3

04-Invitation of a Crazed Moon.MP3

05-The Looming Threat.MP3

06-Operation VK.MP3

07-A Small Prayer.MP3

08-Victorian Fear.MP3

09-Piercing Silence.MP3

10-Silent Prison.MP3

11-Jail of Jewel.MP3


13-Hail from the Past.MP3

14-Chaotic Play Ground.MP3

15-The Gears Go Awry.MP3

16-Dance of Sadness.MP3

17-Meeting of Destiny.MP3

18-The Hidden Curse.MP3

19-Gaze up at the Darkness.MP3

20-Far Away Days.MP3

21-Bloodlines Bequethed.MP3

22-Bad Situation.MP3

23-Great Gate of Darkness.MP3


25-In Search of the Secret Spell.MP3

26-Crucifix Held Close.MP3

27-Behind the Gaze.MP3

28-Iron Blue Intention.MP3

29-Esquisse of Violence.MP3

30-Thirst for Blood.MP3


32-Banquet of Madness.MP3

33-Awaken from the Night.MP3

34-The Night Flows.MP3

35-Portrait of Destiny.MP3

36-Game Over.MP3

37-Dance of the Holy Man 2007.MP3

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