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Perfect Selection Dracula New Classic soundtrack will satisfy any vampire

January 7, 2016

This is yet another one of those fine examples of why the Castlevania game series should never be forgotten. Over the last 28 years the beloved Belmont clan has been slaying vampires and the forces of Lord Dracula more times than you can count.

Even a web series movie was made based on it. Aside from being one of the best platform games ever to grace your living room, Castlevania has spawned something else worthy of your undivided attention.

A masterpiece of a soundtrack, one that has been replicated time and again, even with live orchestra performances like the Castlevania Concert. Indeed, a concert named just that, and what a show it is to behold.

As for taking the pleasure on the road, the "Perfect Selection Dracula New Classic" disc is right down your alley if you love the Castlevania soundtrack as much as I. Released by Konami on April 22, 1992, it's comprised of 10 different classical renditions of themes from the hit series. Tracks include:

1.) Vampire Killer ~ Wicket Child

2.) Dwelling of Doom

3.) Beginning

4.) Monster Dance

5.) Hearts of Fire ~ Out of Time

6.) The Cave

7.) Bloody Tears

8.) Theme from "The Legend of Dracula"

9.) Praying Hands

10.) Evergreen

Simply click on the links above to listen to each of these tracks, and see which ones are your personal favorite. For collectors, you can find this gem on eBay as well, but be prepared to shell out a whopping range between $160 to nearly $200 for a good condition copy of this sucker.

It has now become somewhat of a rare item in the Castlevania collector's world. I myself have never gotten a hold of a copy yet, and have bought just about everything you can think of for the series, including rare games like Rondo of Blood and Vampire Killer for the MSX Japanese computer system. Two must have items for any fan.

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