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Personal cosplay picks for the hit run and gun shooter game Contra

February 23, 2015

When you have an addiction to your favorite game there is no telling what you'll stop at to get closer to it. Such is the case with the classic run and gun shooter game we all grew up with called Contra. The Contra series started out back in the mid 1980s on the Arcade format, but later had its own version on the 8-bit NES system so the rest of the world could play it without having to shell out one quarter after another.

Known as "Gryzor" in Spain and Australia, and "Probotector" in other parts of Europe the famous series has spawned one sequel after another as new consoles game into our midst.

Since then the fans have both loved not only the awesome game play the series delivered, but also enjoy dressing up like the characters themselves. Mad Dog and Scorpion have come along way, and it shows through in the dedication these guys and girls have put forth with their own efforts. The top photos are from the Animazement 13 event a while back, and of course feature the Contra Force duo in all their glory.

They are taking the fight to other well known names in both the movie and game industry you've also come to love. Darth Vader, Kratos from the God of War series, and oh look!, there is even a Solid Snake in the box waiting to surprise the two with a warm welcome.

Much gaming fan love all around. Ah, and don't forget the lady duo among these photos. Yes, even the women can get in on it too, as you can't have a complete story without the ladies right?


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