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Personal selects for favorite Suikoden III artwork and drawings

October 27, 2015

If you've played one RPG you've played them all right? Not true with Suikoden, and certainly not true for any single one of the titles in the series. After getting a friend of mine on Facebook to try out Suikoden III, he was left speechless by the end of the game. Rightly so, as its creator Yoshitaka Murayama is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

As one of the members of the Suikoden Revival Movement, we had a chance a while back to sit down and do a one on one interview with him and ask some much needed questions we've been meaning to ask for some time now. Like the gentleman that he was, he was delighted to answer our questions if you want to take a nice long gander at that post if you will. It is well worthy of attention.

Since Suikoden's birth back in the mid 1990's, it's been quite an uphill battle to get a foothold with enough fans in the world, as many of them were too busy playing more well known titles such as Final Fantasy VII. When Suikoden 2 was released, it was anything but popular as there were only a limited number of copies produced, not to mention the wave of other RPG games clouding the gaming scene.

But that doesn't mean the series isn't making a comeback. For those of us in the Revival Movement, it's a personal quest to get all five games released on the Playstation Network for others to both enjoy once again, and newcomers to get a chance to play who didn't grow up during that generation.

So what a better way to celebrate what has to be one of the best RPG games ever created than to share some more of those fantastic artwork pieces from you.....the fans. You make the gaming world go around, and at the same time arouse interest for those who are new to the series and have yet to play much of it. Take a look at some incredible works of art based on Suikoden III below.







Know another work of art you think should have been added here? Perhaps you have something of your own you would like to share with the rest of the world. No problem, just leave a comment in the section below, along with a link to your handy work and I will take a look at it for inclusion.

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