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Play Frogger on the side of a building using the biggest TV ever

October 9, 2014

Remember when they put all of those cool looking lights on a building to make it look like Tetris pieces were falling down? An actual Tetris game you could play with a controller, while the pieces got ever so closer to the bottom?

Probably not, so I'll just put a link to that video down below. For now one organization called "NoobWare" has decided to address the horrible traffic conditions in countries around the world with a game called Street Crosser. The game being put on the side of a huge building looks like the classic Frogger game that came out back in the 1980s.

The idea seems to be to raise awareness to others, and is being represented in São Paulo, Brazil during the Mostra Play!, a digital arts festival that went on there. Raising awareness of the traffic conditions in some parts of the world isn't all there is to it, as you can see the local folks taking joy in playing such a huge looking Frogger type game on the side of a big building.

Kind of makes you want to join in on the festival doesn't it? There is more to discover using the links below, as they have the inside scoop on the project.

By the way, how about that world's largest game of Tetris?

via NoobWare
via TheCreatorsProject

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