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Producer Tak Fujii leaves Konami to freelance

December 18, 2014

Where have all the Konami cowboys gone? They are out freelancing my friend, and now another employee of the company has just left once again. This time it's none other than Tak Fujii, who was a long time producer who worked on a number of games which include hits like "No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise", "DarkSiders", and "Ninety-Nine Nights 2".

Tak has also worked on the ever popular Pro Evolution Soccer series, which is Konami's rival to Electronic Arts FIFA title. Announcing his career move on Twitter recently, he had this to say to his fellow supporters. "It's been great 20 years of creation. Thanks for all who supported, loved my titles. Farewell and may the extreeeeemeness be with KONAMI."

He also added that he will be freelancing for while, a move that is similar to a few other employes who have left in recent years. This marks another one of my personal favorites that have departed from the company, which included big names like Michiru Yamaen, who was a game music composer for hit titles like Castlevania, along with Koji Igarashi who was a creator by the same series.

Both have decided to move on to other companies and projects, with Yamane adding her spice to titles like Bug Panice, while Igarashi moving into the mobile game world aside from having the desire to create another release similar to Castlevania in many respects.

Tak who started for the company back in 1997 is also known by the fans for a performance he gave at the 2010 E3 show, where he also tweeted "Don't think that was the best of me “: thanks for the great games and best E3 performance ever” You can take a look at that video below as we also say goodbye to him, and may we see more great things from him in the future.

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