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Reaction from kids to old computers show how well we have it today

August 6, 2016

Remember a time in your life when you didn't have a computer? Yeah...for some of you that may have not been a reality, but for a slightly older audience it was a time where you had to do other things in your life to both make the time go by, as well as live without the conveniences of having Internet connection & another huge means of entertainment.

We had to live without a way of communicating with our friends online, as concepts Facebook and Twitter were just a vision, and giant MMOs like Warcraft and online play seemed a futuristic idea born from Star Trek fans.

We've all had the same mindset about cell phones at some point. What did we do before that? Payphones......on the side of the road. Ouch. You wanted to make a phone call then you had better have a quarter handy, because no one was there to help you after your car broke down or you needed some money from mom & dad to help pay the rent.

Fortunately those days have come and gone thankfully, and now we tend to take the technology we have in the palms of our hands for granted, and actually have an expectation that it always be there for us at all times.

80s brick phone (slang because they were the "size of a brick")

It's never more than 3 feet away from you. Your phone that is, and in such a short space of time it has become more than just a phone. It's now a phone, computer, movie and music player, and even a video game system. Playing Silent Hill, Metal Gear, Bomberman, or even a simple puzzle game is now a ride on a bus or a means to pass the time while on that special road trip.

So how do kids react in today's age of electronic stimulus when confronted with the kind of technology the rest of us grew up with? They scope of how big and bulky a computer had to be back then would likely puzzle them, and wondering how we ever managed to get along without the current advent of technology is not uncommon.

Think about 20 years from now, when your grandkids look back and wonder how we managed to live today, while they will likely possess the means to do so much more than we have now.

A video from Fine Brothers Entertainment called "Kids React" is nothing new, but the concept takes young children, and puts them in a situation where they are exposed to certain elements, technology, or even viral videos that circulate on YouTube and see how they "react", while commenting on them.

The reactions from them are both funny, and interesting to say the least, and will give you a better understanding of just how much better we have it today than we did growing up at their age.

Now if only we could get those darn flying cars from Back to the Future, we might could put an end to car crashes. On second thought, we would probably be having crashes in the sky.

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