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Remembering commercials for older and classic Konami games

March 7, 2015

I had to do this sooner or later, because this is a part of your childhood that you should never forget about. Well, yes I mean games, but not directly. More like game commercials from the 1980s and later on. If you wanted to record things back then, you had to have a VCR, or "Video Cassette Recorder".

Now in order to preserve those forgotten memories you will have to have a way to transfer your videos to DVD. A decent capture device should suffice, along with a YouTube account so the rest of us can embrace it.

Such is the case with a few gems that are at least available, if not the highest quality in the world. Some of you probably weren't even born yet to have witnessed a few of these, or at least too young to recall them. A time when most of the market really only had a few select choices of what you wanted to play, since for a number of years Nintendo had the major foothold on the gaming market.

Remember Super C, as in Super Contra? Not for the SNES system, but for the 8-bit NES console. A sequel straight from the bowels of the first mega hit, and thankfully it was also longer than its arcade counterpart. I can't begin to tell you that if I saw the commercial today that aired for it back way back then I would die laughing on the floor.

Productions have changed since that time and become more evolved of course, but I recommend seeing it if you haven't yet.

Two other examples are Castlevania, and Metal Gear. The second and third videos feature the first game, while the third is a compilation of others ranging from Game boy, Super Nintendo, Playstation, and even a beverage commercial starring an older Solid Snake. It's kind of like that last slice of delicious pizza.......gone but not forgotten.

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