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Resogun is a chip off the old Gradius block

October 24, 2014

Going back a bit, oh about 26 years sounds about right, Gradius made its debut on not only the arcade format, but on the NES 8-bit console as well. Since then Konami has produced some similar spin off titles that took Gradius and used it as a catalyst for their own design.

Even games like Twinbee and Parodius took some inspiration from a game that was deemed not only quite a challenge, but one that was fun to play, and some not without the famous Konami code for power ups.

Since then a number of game companies have used Gradius as a platform themselves for inspiration to producer their own shooters. Resogun is one that will remind you a bit of it. A launch Playstation Plus+ title that released along side the PS4, Resogun combines it with something unique called "voxel-filled" game play mechanics.

After watching the video below you can see how beautiful this shooter is for those of you looking for something new to play in the shooter department. Adam Sessler accompanies Housemarque to demonstrate how the game looks and plays, while discussing some of the key elements they used to produce such unique style graphics.


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