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RetroLiberty makes a top 5 Contra games video that's a blast from the past

July 10, 2016

Here we are again folks, and as always for a good reason. Run and gun games have always had us coming back for more, because they basically allow you to just plow your way through an arsenal of bad guys blowing up things and destroying whatever is in your path.

Contra is certainly no exception to the rule, as it has paved the way and has been used as a catalyst for how a proper run and gun title should be. Known as Contra in the west, but also as "Probotector" in Europe, and even as a third name of "Gryzor" on various computer formats, this is one shooter that's always been too hard to put down.

Not to mention a killer game soundtrack to boot, as this one has to be one of the most sought after games to feature those tracks that mix artists love to use over and over. After all, you can't have a run & gun shooter, without an awesome musical score can you?

The series has landed on more platforms than some can count, featured on even the Gameboy, Genesis, Super Nintendo, Playstation, and DS.

While a very challenging game, it did let you use that famous Konami code that gave you thirty lives, and is likely the game that comes to mind when the code comes to mind, as even to this day the Konami code has been made use of in multiple applications. This including being a part of many different websites which have those cool looking Easter eggs buried within them.

Did you also know that that the code was not used in Contra first?, but in the hit title Gradius, where it made its first appearance and was meant to be used as a means of allowing beta testers to get through the game easier, but was never taken out. Somebody in the department must have missed that.

As a homage to the series, YouTube channel RetroLiberty takes us back in time to cover the top 5 Contra games ever to grace the palms of our hands.

Of course, while you may have your own personal list of the top titles you think should have been in this list, it does cover some aspects of the series and even a few other tidbits you may not have known about it.

One personal favorite of mine is the Nintendo DS title that was released, as it is one that is greatly less appreciated than it should be, as well as being one that some fans didn't know about.

Be sure to comment below on what you think should have made the list, as well as your thoughts about the video itself. Keep calm and power up.

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