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Revolver Ocekitty performs the best Paz Ortega Andrade

January 11, 2015

 Her name is Revolver Ocekitty, and doing cosplay is her game. Metal Gear cosplay that is, and doing the role of Paz Ortega Andrade is a talent of hers, who is the innocent school girl first introduced in the hit Playstation Portable game Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker.

Those who have played the game end up realizing she isn't exactly the innocent school girl one might have thought, but rather an agent of Cipher (Zero), who hijacks Metal Gear ZEKE and tries to launch its warhead at the US East Coast. Her intention was to frame the Militaires Sans Frontieres as an extremist cult under Cipher's orders.

Sound like a deep plot? Well it should. Paz ends up being defeated by Big Boss and is thrown from the explosion created by ZEKE to what seemed a watery grave.

That wasn't the end of her, as Big Boss suspected that she could have survived, and later finds out that is the case in Ground Zeroes, where she was put through torture, rape, and had explosives implanted into her. OK, that is probably enough spoilers for now, as you really need to play the game if you haven't already. I highly recommend it.

The Metal Gear storyline has been labeled as pretty convoluted and intense as it is. Be that as it may, while Paz's history is a tragic and rather sad one, she is well remembered by cosplay actress Revolver Ocekitty, a lady who knows just how to do a proper Paz performance. So much so, that her photos are quite likely the best I have ever seen for the famous Peace Walker character.

The fun doesn't stop there, as she has an entire army of other cosplay acts posted on her Facebook page. Some of them from Snake Eater, with more cosplay acts from other favorite games of hers. After seeing some of her tweets recently, I had to check out her works of art and share it with you. Good taste deserves good attention, and she seems to getting an increasing amount lately.

So here is to raising that amount, and hoping you'll drop by her Facebook or Twitter page and show some of your support for her special talents. You can also find many more of her excellent photos as well from her Tumblr page.

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Hey great piece .. I luv Ocekitty !!! Who is the awesome author of this piece! Well done !!!