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Sam Swainsbury will be playing the role of Henry in Requiem

October 9, 2014

Now that the Silent Hill Requiem movie has taken off in production, people want to know who is in it right? Of course they do, and you and I are one of them. As a fan of the series I want to share anything I can with you, and thanks to Gareth Morgan, who is the director of the film and who plays the role of James Sunderland, a new poster has surfaced regarding the character Henry.

That role will be played by Sam Swainsbury. You might be familiar with that name if you've seen the movie Thor: The Dark World. In it he played the Stonehenge TV News Reporter.

Now for those of you new to the Requiem movie being made, let me bring you up to speed. Gareth Morgan runs ZenithFilms, and has been directing for a few years now, and some of his handy work includes EPiSODE, which was featured at the 2012 Raindance film festival and uses inspiration from Silent Hill and Twin Peaks.

Others include T.L.E, a cyberpunk adventure influenced by films such as Ghost in the Shell and Blade Runner. Another is a web series called Helsing, which follows a female vampire hunter who is a descendant of the character from the Dracula novel. Both are currently in post production, and you should check out those links above for more details.

As for more of Gareth's work, which includes the latest on his current Requiem movie project, I invite you to check out his Facebook pages, and follow him there or on Tumblr if you like. Be sure to share with your friends and have them do the same. Remember, projects like this are made possible from support by people like you, so spread those links around to let others know! It's time the world saw a great Silent Hill movie, which is the intention behind this project to start with.

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