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See how much you know about the best RPG game series ever created

March 29, 2015

When the first Suikoden game was released back in the mid 1990s, Konami had stepped into a new realm of RPG gaming that it had no idea how well would take off with role playing fans. They literally put together a team of experts who seriously knew what they were doing in every single department. Suikoden had it all, a fantastic story of passion, love, hate, betrayal, revenge, and whatever other emotion you can dream up.

You had the best RPG game ever created, and one that would cause a ripple effect in the gaming community for years to come. If you had to live on an island, and could only have one game series to play for the rest of  your life, you wouldn't be too bored my friend.

With the ability to recruit quite a number of individuals for your army, not to mention diving deep into the past of the characters that you meet, the Suikoden series is about the closet thing you can get to when it comes to living out a another person or persons life rather.

So for those of you who are new to the series, you could do a lot worse than to grab yourself a copy of the first two games, which are the best of the best of the five out there. Konami has both now listed on the Playstation Network, and for you PSVita owners as well in case you want to take the action on the road.

Also, a group called "DidYouKnowGaming" has released another one of their fine videos, which will pick your brain and possibly give you some facts you may or may not know about it. It's called 5 Suikoden Series Trivia - VGFacts Five Trivia Feat. brutalmoose.

Colorful name isn't it? Take a look below, and while your at it, for you fans who still aren't a member of the Revival Movement on Facebook yet, please drop by and give the page a like, as well as say hello and make some new friends in the process! You can also check out our new webpage, which has new updates and fan based material for the series.

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