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Sega CD games like Snatcher get another glance at this timeless classic

October 24, 2014

Hideo Kojima once made a few statements on how he has been an influence on others such as writers, developers, and movie directors. The long time creator of the Metal Gear series was not an influence because of that, but it was actually based on a game that quite a few people have never even heard of, Snatcher.

Snatcher is a cyber punk graphic adventure game about an investigation on Snatchers, which are "bioroids" that are designed to kill humans and then take over their bodies. It was also the second game directed by Kojima after he finished the first Metal Gear game for the MSX2 system.

The game was developed back in 1988 and released for the PC-8801 system and MSX2. Following that, it was remade and ported to the PC-Engine CD-Rom in 1992, and then translated to English and ported to the Sega-CD in 1994.

The influence it had made an impact in movies like Akira, Blade Runner, Wicked City, and even The Terminator. One such person was said to be Satoshi Ito, who went on to created a novel for the hit title Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Here is a piece of what Kojima said.

“Game creators, film directors, manga/novel writers in age of 30-40s tell me “what influenced to become creator was not MGS but SNATCHER”. I remember Project Itoh had said that kind of thing too.”

“Until “POLICENAUTS”, I was only a director that I didn’t need to look after the sales or schedules but instead being absorbed in writing codes w few staff as creating ind movie. Blood’s deep that way, but resulted unfinished SNATCHER & HD mistake.”

“Japan got only few clever producers who understand talent, take risks & support. You gotta produce by oneself an ideal creative environment.”

Some of you probably didn't know that Kojima's handy work extended beyond the realm of just Metal Gear, something he has mostly been known for. Wait just a second, Snatchers? Really? That sounds a bit familiar doesn't it? Bioroids that take over a persons body I remember.

That's the same concept being used on Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes with the Raiden Jamais Vu extra content for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Yeah, why don't we revisit that post I did a short while back to remind us all.

In the meantime, now that you've become somewhat aware of Snatcher, and how it impacted a few blockbuster movies, how about watching some video footage of it. It might inspire you to actually play the game you think? I know I personally will. I recommend the Sega-CD version of course. Check it out below if you like. 

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