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Sexy Silent Hill nurses so real looking you'll be afraid

October 29, 2014

Ever since cosplay in gaming has caught on, all it has ever done is get bigger and gained a heck of a lot of attention in the process. It seems like everything from Metal Gear to Castlevania to almost whatever you can imagine has been done in some form or another at one time. People going so far as to spend large amounts of time just to create suits and works of art that some are just almost too hard to believe any one person could have done.

At least not by themselves. Well guess what? Silent Hill is certain no exception to the rule. One particular character being the nurses in Silent Hill. I'm glad I'm doing this post because if you search this blog I  believe you'll only find one other post I've done about this particular subject, and that was years ago. Watch these Silent Hill nurses take your nerves for a spin.

This new one is made possible by the famous Yukilefay, and she has one incredible site that she runs which features far more than just the Silent Hill game series. For those of you who don't know who or what she represents, you are in for a real treat. In fact, let me just cut to the chase and guide you to her special website which is titled DeviantArt. If you head there you will find much more than you bargained for in terms of cosplay suits and special works of art.

Talk about dedication and hard work, she is both and then some. I don't believe I've ever seen a more extensive set of photos depicting cosplay suits and the delicate artistry details that go into the making of them. It's almost too hard to take in, but so very cool. You'll definitely spend some time there and will learn quite a bit about what this cosplay stuff is all about.

OK are you back with me now? I understand if it took you a little while, believe me. Now take a good look at some of her latest works for the Silent Hill nurse cosplay below, and let me know what you think about them. The detail alone is enough to creep you out. If you happen to know any more cosplay arts that I'm not aware of that's also Konami game related, let me know and if I can use it I'll do a post about it here.

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