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ShareFactory makes a funny Metal Gear Solid Epic video

October 9, 2014

It's certainly no wonder about how eager and desperate Metal Gear fans are right now for any nugget of news for The Phantom Pain. After getting a small dose of it from a taste of Ground Zeroes, and with the E3 show coming up, we all want to know more of what's inside.

Well to tide you over until that happens, a fan has put together a video that was made using Sony's recent system update feature, which includes the PS4's new ShareFactory program. The feature allows you, the player to customize and edit your game play footage, thereby adding in your own special effects and in game music soundtracks of your choice.

Players can then take the footage, and upload it to places like YouTube, like the one below. This fan put together such a video for the purpose of showing just how awesome the next Metal Gear Solid game is going to be. A splendid job he has done too, and this video is extremely funny!

Thanks to Sabconth for his cool upload, and the song being used in the video is "In the Hall of the Mountain King". Excellent choice for this kind of game footage, and feel free to post your comments on what you think of it below. I'd like to hear some of your feedback.

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