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Silent Hill 3 horror movie from start to finish

October 29, 2014

One thing that Silent Hill has lacked is a really decent movie. Sure you had Revelation 3D that came out around Halloween last year, but that wasn't as well received as some would have hoped it would be. So where do you turn to when you want some genuine horror and a decent hardcore scare factor? How about the game itself?

Yeah, I'm talking the actual game being turned into a movie, Silent Hill 3 The Movie for one. It seems there is a dedicated fan that was utterly determined to make a Silent Hill movie, and he not only did a great job of making one, but the darn thing is a whopping 2 hours long!

It was made in the middle of last year 2012, which ironically was just a while before Revelation made its debut. Apparently he didn't want to wait around for an official movie to get made.

Now onto the juicy elements of the movie. You know the main star, our beloved Heather, a cute girl who just wants to have some fun, but gets drawn into the world of Silent Hill, filled with monsters who want to use her to bring their evil god into the world. It takes place 17 years after the events of the original Silent Hill, which starred Harry Mason who battles to defeat the god in Silent Hill. He later obtains a baby to take care of.

Heather is the main focus of Silent Hill 3, and later she discovers a mysterious link between her and the world of Silent Hill. Part 3 might be a little confusing and convoluted to those who never played the first one. So you might want to dust off your old PS1 and have at it for a little while.

But then again Konami did do a decent job of explaining SH3. Even the critics couldn't bash it too much since it was so well made, and definitely worth your time if you are a fan of horror games.

Let's cut to the chase, with this full movie, you will find all the cut scenes and the most important game play elements thrown in. Everything has been edited really nicely, so you will have a splendid horror experience from start to finish.

This also includes the better ending to it. After all, we want the best of everything in Silent Hill don't we? So what are you waiting for, get a drink, snack, and maybe a friend and enjoy the HD version of Silent Hill 3, which by the way, is in High Definition format. You can never have too much detail in your gore content. Welcome to Silent Hill.


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