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Silent Hill 4: Room of Angel cover performed by Lauren the Flute

October 24, 2014

An increasing number of YouTube fans have been seeing more of her videos turn up in search results, but for those who still don't know who she is, let me introduce you to Lauren the Flute. She has been making music videos based on various games for some time now, and her latest post on the popular video site pays homage to the great horror game Silent Hill 4: The Room.

The name of this particular song called "Room of Angel" is backed by none other than her own vocals, and any fan should be able to appreciate her work to say the least.

While her latest cover is for Silent Hill, there are yet two other personal favorite Konami games I want to bring to your attention as well. That being the popular Suikoden series, with the first being "Dragon Knight Fortress" which is performed with a flute, and the second being Reminiscence performed with a piano and vocal backups from Lauren herself.

Be sure to check both of them out, she is not some opera floozy, but certainly getting some well deserved attention from the fans out there. So if you like what you hear, you can sample and purchase some more of her fine material using this link


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