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Silent Hill actress Olwen Davies gets an interview

October 9, 2014

Zenithfilms, a name you've either already heard of or are about to hear of soon. A new movie on the horizon called Silent Hill: Requiem is being produced and directed by Gareth Morgan, who like myself is also a fan of the series. Olwen Davies will be playing the role of Heather Mason in it, and recently they both sat down for a nice interview where she talks about herself, her past, and playing Heather in the movie.

The movie itself also represents something more important than the usual big budget box office films in Hollywood that you might be used to watching. I'm sure you know the type, computer generated eye candy, big name actors / actresses, and so on. All the money in the world doesn't mean anything when it comes to perspective and technique. I believe Revelations 3D when it was released was genuine proof of that. I personally kept track of that movie since it was first announced, and was asking the question of its quality since then.

Requiem focuses on meaning something more, as it fills in the blanks of what the fans have been wanting to see, more of the game's elements in the movie. On a final side note, if you haven't already, take a look at the "thank you" video to get a glimpse as to what the movie will be like here. Also check out the links below to keep up with the progress of Requiem, and while your at, spread those links around like fire and share with friends! The video below is the interview with the lovely Olwen, and I can think of no one better suited to play Heather than her.

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