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Silent Hill character cosplay part 1 - James Sunderland

April 30, 2015

Time to kick off another chapter in the character cosplay realm. This time for the survival horror game known as Silent Hill. For years this one of a kind title has been staring many people in the face with its otherworldly setting and creepy style game play. All while making it too scary for even some to pick up the controller.

Yeah, it is actually that scary sometimes. You'll be walking down a corrido, and out comes something twisted and so horrible to rip your bloody head off and ruin your weekend in the process.

When the second game took off, that was my first introduction to the character known as James Sunderland. A rather mild mannered, and yet self tortured individual whose wife Mary was taken by the evils of Silent Hill, and made him believe that he had actually killed her.

James is well known by his green looking jacket he wore in Silent Hill 2, which has been hailed as possibly the best one in the series. If you've ever played this PS2 gem, then you know exactly what I mean. If not, you don't know what you're missing, and I seriously suggest you get yourself a copy and have at it.

Moving on to another front, is a close look at the fans themselves. The ones doing their best cosplay performance that is. Here are a round of some of the best cherry picked ones floating around on the Internet, and from I've seen so far they are very impressive.

These dedicated fans stop at nothing to look just like the real thing. Including that parted haircut that James is known for. Silent Hill veterans know what I mean. So take a seat, and enjoy some of these photos as we pay tribute to one of the best SH characters ever to grace our TV screens.







Source Also from the new Silent Hill Requiem movie

That's it for this round of Silent Hill cosplay. Where do I get a jacket like that? Well I'm sure if you look around, you'll find one at either a cosplay fashion store, or usually on eBay, where people get stuff like this all the time right? If you too have a cosplay performance you would like to share like these, feel free to add your comment below, and I will add your photo to the rest of these, along with a link to your webpage or blog if you have one.

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