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Silent Hill characters so detailed it will blow your mind

October 29, 2014

Ever since Silent Hill 2 graced our presence years ago on the Playstation 2, all we've wanted since then is more and more. So how about this for a flashback. A company called ToyMunkey Studios has come to rescue your Silent Hill woes with some unbelievable Red Pyramid Thing statues, and the detail they put into them is incredible to say the least. So who is ToyMunkey Studios and where did they get such a funny name?

I can't answer the second one but the first is easy. They launched last year and have almost 20 years of experience in the toy industry. Now they are very dedicated to producing collectible and non-collectible toys for fans of games such as, of course, the Silent Hill series. You can tell from the images below the amount of work and detail that they put into creating these fine works of art.

Also, there will be yet another opportunity for ToyMunkey Studios to showcase their fine goods soon, due to a ComicCon event coming up in San Diego. The new Red Pyramid Thing statue will be on display there, so if you live nearby you might want to drop in and take a close look while you still can. July 18th, 2013 will  be the day they host that event.

You can also buy Pyramid Head and Silent Hill nurse statues of any type you want from their official site for them. These images below are just the tip of the iceberg my friend, as you haven't seen anything yet. They have a massive arsenal of other photos for you to drool over, so after your done looking at these few morsels of them below, go ahead and check out all of the others detailed works of art from their own great looking website.

You can purchase them there and get yet even more information about them there. They also have updates for upcoming events that you can participate in if you happen to live in that particular area. San Diego is just the first of many more where nice gems like Silent Hill 2 can strut their stuff around.

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