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Silent Hill live action spoof, performed by fans who can't get enough survival horror game action

September 28, 2015

This is one of those videos that doesn't seem to get enough attention, even though it had some well place effort involved, along with some comedy to boot. Silent Hill is a well known survival horror game that has been going on since the late 1990s, and ever since then the fans couldn't get enough of what has to be the most drawn in title ever made.

Resident Evil sure has its attention getters,....don't get me wrong, but Silent Hill seems to fit into a category all its own thanks to a unique story line, characters, and the kind of cut scenes and setting that has you constantly on the edge of your seat. Oh how we love those guys that helped make it happen......including....well....Guy himself.

Well, that aside, even the most horrific games can have a comedy element or two, and Silent Hill is certainly no untamed target for the fans out there. Lately on YouTube I've seen a number of cartoon spoofs for the series, but few that were actually live or worthy of getting more attention. This video below was actually uploaded back in 2009.

Well over 6 years ago and has only gotten a little over 100,000 views so far. That needs to change in my opinion, and YouTube has become such a vast place for videos these days that many quality ones get lost in an abyss of other more popular ones.

This one, made by some fine folks from Argentina runs about 5 minutes long, and contains more than a few moments that will have you laughing out of your seat, rather than falling out of it as you normally do from playing horror games or watching horror movies.

A special thanks to Andres Borghi for helping make this video and uploading it so the rest of us can enjoy it. Tell me what you think of the video below in the comment section. Be advised that it contains some coarse language, so it might be NSFW if you happen to be in a sensitive situation.

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