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Silent Hill nurse statues from ToyMunkey Studios

October 29, 2014

This is something I never get tired of. Ever since Silent Hill 2 was introduced on the PS2 years ago, we've been graced with the presence of Pyramid Head and the infamous nurse monsters. Since then Silent Hill fans have went nuts wanting to have their very own statues of those characters, and thanks to a company called ToyMunkey, now they can!

ToyMunkey Studios is a group dedicated to bringing this sort of thing to your living room, and they also have a special event coming up in San Diego, called the ComicCon.

This July 18th they will showcase their bubble head nurse as well as quite a few other Silent Hill related statues and figures for the public to see. The ones below this article are just the tip of the iceberg. They will be showing off quite a number of exclusive statues, and soon you will be able to buy the ones below, as they will be selling Japan for ¥9,800, or about $100.

Sounds a little pricey I know, but die hard fans are willing to fork out that much for such highly detailed craftsmanship.

On another note, you can now purchase the statue called "Red Pyramid Thing", which is available in North America as well. You're going to love those as much as the Silent Hill 2 nurses. I seem to like the one with the red boots, although I don't whether I should call those sexy or not. Perhaps I shouldn't in this case. Anyway, the Red Pyramid Thing statues are available as of February 19th, while the bubble head nurse statues are out as of March.

So you want to get your hands on either or both of them, you can order them from the ToyMunkey website for purchase. You can also get a load of quite a few more images of both sets there as well, as they are pretty large in size. Once you see the closeup pictures of them all, you're going to be horrified at the level of detail and complexity they have. 

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