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Silent Hill P.T. recreated in a Minecraft level

January 4, 2015

Many people likely never thought Minecraft would take off like it did, and yet it has gained so much popularity that an army of fan based material just keeps popping up. Silent Hill games are certainly no exception, as the world of Minecraft level making has even taken on the P.T. demo released last year.

Since it's still going to be quite a while until a full blown game is out, you might as well have some fun with it right? For those who have milked the demo for all its worth, can take a second look through the eyes of a YouTube video to see what it looks like in Minecraft.

Accuracy is key when making a recreation of another game, and the video below has to be the closest one I've seen among all the others floating around on YouTube. While this is nothing of a new concept, it's always nice to see fan based material like this one, which also draws attention to another Silent Hill 2 video that was recreated in Minecraft.

Castlevania anyone? Oh yes, it has been done as well. The first game in fact, and worth a play through if you have some time on your hands. While your at it, if you have any maps you would like to share with the community that's based on any Konami game then feel free to post about it in the comment section below. Let the world see your handy world....or work why don't you?

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