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Silent Hill Paradise one on one interview with actress and singer Donna Burke

February 24, 2015

She has caught the attention of the gaming community in more ways than one. She has lifted our spirits up, and overwhelmed us with her rich and beautiful voice. Donna Burke should be a name you know by now, and if it isn't, then my friend it's high time you caught up with this lady. An Australian actress and singer, Donna now lives in Tokyo, Japan where she runs a sound production company and talent agency, and is well known for multiple albums to boot.

She has also made a huge name for herself in big name Konami games such as Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid titles like Peace Walker, and the upcoming Phantom Pain. Both songs called Heaven's Divide and Sins of the Father have been a mover and shaker for Metal Gear fans over the years, and have had them wanting more.

After all of her amazing accomplishments, what a better way to get good peek of the woman behind the mask of our favorite games than to turn to Silent Hill Paradise for some insight as to what's going on inside Donna's mind.

After reading the interview, I personally see that she also loves Japanese culture, as well as the food, hospitality, the beauty of the country side, and not to mention the food. Oh wait, I said that already, but it was worth two mentions since Japanese food is really awesome!

Donna thinks so too, and not to go too far into what else she likes, you can take a look at the interview with the woman behind the voice of Angela Orosco and Claudia Wolf. Silent Hill Paradise is also a haven for other like minded fans of the series, and offers a host of other material you should find useful. As for her singing, here is Heaven's Divide from Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker for those who still haven't heard.

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