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Silent Hill prank call from Happy Birthday Caller to random people

December 28, 2014

This is one of those moments in gaming history worth remembering again. Prank calls are nothing new, and sometimes considered to be an insult or just not plain funny. But for those who can appreciate it happening in games, then you might get a kick out of this one. Remember Silent Hill 3? The Happy Birthday Caller to be exact.

Let me refresh your memory. Walking through Otherworld Brookhaven Hospital, Heather hears a phone ringing from within a locker and goes over to pick it up. The voice on the other end starts singing "Happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you....happy birthday....Oh dear. I forgot your name." So who could it be?

Lot's of people have made multiple guesses about it. Heather tells the voice it's not her birthday, and the person on the other end couldn't possibly know who she is since it's a pay phone right? Perhaps,...perhaps not. Leonard Wolf, Stanley, or some creation of Alessa. It all sounds creepy doesn't it?

Despite what many believe one person actually put together a prank call based on the Happy Birthday caller, and while this sounds real, it could be fake. You can decide that for yourself. It was first posted on Halloween of last year, (Silent Hill on Halloween always right?) and it does make for some good comedy for those who enjoy a good prank call or two.

While this might be a first one based on a Konami game for some of you, it certainly isn't the first one ever made. There are two others out there that I'm aware of that will have you laughing to the floor. Both are based on Metal Gear Solid, and one features Solid Snake making a prank call to a gun shop asking for some really high powered weapons.

Needless to say, the response will have you wanting to share the experience with your friends. If you have any similar videos or even some comedy based art or photos you would like to share, leave a comment and your link below and I just might do an article for you about it.

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