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Silent Hill Requiem director Gareth Morgan releases VLOG No. 2 - Production Notes

November 7, 2015

For those of you who are waiting ever so patiently for the new Silent Hill Requiem movie to make its way to your living room, here is a little tidbit to tide you over for a while. Director, editor, and producer Gareth Morgan how come out of the wood works once again to deliver VLOG No. 2. This time it contains production notes, and lasts for almost 10 minutes.

For the rest of you who don't know what Silent Hill Requiem is about, let me bring you up to speed so you can get in on the action. Simply put, it will be based on the first four games, and stars actress Olwen Davies as Heather Mason.

Director Gareth Morgan will be playing the role of James Sunderland. Hell, he even looks like him to boot. The film stared out as an Indie funded project, with an initial goal of $3,000 to cover the cost of actors/actresses, and setup costs.....while ending up with a total of $5,000 by the time the funding campaign closed.

The Silent Hill community needed a movie for and by the fans, and that is exactly what they are going to get with Requiem. These folks are on a mission to finally give people the horror movie they've been demanding and Hollywood has been lacking. Producers only do what they want when they think it will be what the masses want, but often forget what the fans want. That is finally about to change for once. V

ideo game to movie adaptations sometimes don't end up too well, and Zenithfilms is addressing that problem first hand.

It was born out of a necessity, one that fans have been aching for years now to see become a reality. The fist Hollywood production movie was OK, but also like Revelations, it didn't live up to what many fans had hoped for.

That's about to change thanks to Zenithfilms, The forces of otherworld are drawing the cast of the first four games back into darkness, and it's up to them to fight their way through chaos, just as they did before.

Check out some stills at the top of this page, and while you're at it, take a look at a one on one interview with Gareth Morgan, courtesy of yours truly.

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