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Silent Hill Requiem director Gareth Morgan starts filming for Splatterhouse

September 6, 2015

It has finally begun! The new Splatterhouse movie has just started filming recently, according to Silent Hill Requiem director Gareth Morgan of Zenithfilms. After getting a few things in order, like the creation of the terror mask for the film, things are now underway and you can expect more in the future. Rather than have it as a feature film, the movie "Splatterhouse - Jennifer Smells of Rot" as it is called will be a web series.

This should give fans of the famous horror series something to chew on, while not having to wait for the entire movie to be finished. Check this new poster out.

Editing does consume a lot of time, and while Silent Hill Requiem has some more editing to be done for its release later this year, you can also expect great things from that project as well. See here for the official website to give you some more details about what you can expect from it.

It will be the film that many fans have been aching to watch for some time now.

As for the Splatterhouse film, it takes place between the first and second games, with Jennifer as the main character. After Rick failed to save her in the first one, the terror mask finds her in hell, and makes her an offer. Its power so she can save herself and fight the monsters and demons created by Dr. West. Like the Silent Hill movie, it should prove interesting to say the least. Check out a proof of concept teaser trailer below for an idea of what you can look forward to.

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