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Sins of the Father Live performance by Donna Burke will lift your spirits high

December 8, 2015

I've been following here for some time now. Here name is Donna Burke, and wowing a massive audience with her beautiful voice is her game. You may remember "Heaven's Divide" from Metal Gear Solid - Peace Walker for the PSP hand held system. Yeah, her inspiring performance in The Phantom Pain isn't her first Bar-B-Q, and certainly won't be her last.

Sins of the Father on the other hand, I honestly can't see anyone anytime soon surpassing that nugget of joy. The first time I heard it when The Phantom Pain was gaining more and more attention back in 2013 it took me and so many others by storm.

How can such a powerful voice come from any singer for that matter? Well, for Donna, she was born to be a singer, as you and I were born to listen and admire those like her. A short while back her live performance for Sins of the Father started making a few waves on YouTube. I say the more the merrier, as singers like Taylor Swift can't get all the attention now can they?

The video comes complete with lyrics as well for those of you who want to see them all. You can also buy this track right now on both iTunes and Amazon respectively. Go for it, and show your love and support for Donna and let's help share this video and make it a worldwide hit shall we?

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