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Smooth McGroove does Konami game music with his mouth

October 9, 2014

He's become a YouTube sensation, a popular titan in the realm of game music soundtracks. Smooth McGroove has become utterly famous for one big reason. His a-capella performances for music to various hit games. A couple I've seen so far were Konami games.

The last time I posted about this was for his Castlevania performance for Bloody Tears and Vampire Killers. This time it's for the classic run and gun Contra game from way back in the late 1980s. Yes the one that made the Konami code so popular, even though it was originally used for Gradius.

Smooth McGroove decided to do his new a-capella song for the "Jungle Theme" game music to Contra this time. Like all of his performances, this one is top notch and you should check it out right now. Of course, it doesn't stop there, as he has many others you can listen to as he does covers for so many titles.

I hope you have some extra time on your hands, as you will be sitting on YouTube for a while sampling them. You can also notice that he tends to put his cat in his videos. Cute thing isn't he? While your at it, go ahead and subscribe to McGroove's channel, you won't regret it.

via Smooth McGroove a.k.a Max Gleason

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