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Some awesome Metal Gear artwork for Solid Snake

December 2, 2014

Die hard Metal Gear fans know what they like, and sometimes take it to new levels in some of the most impressive artwork photos I've seen in a long time. Along of course with a cosplay performance or two. With the wake of Ground Zeroes sitting on store shelves, and the upcoming Phantom Pain that fans have REALLY been aching and anticipating over, it seems the Internet is seeing more of these pop up left and right, and for good reason.

Solid Snake is here to stay, at least for a good while. Guns of the Patriots was not the end of the road, even though many thought that Snake had not only gotten very old, but some thought he died at the end of MGS4 as well. Straight from the bowels of DeviantArt comes another round of some fine looking art images created by you, the fan for some of your favorite Metal Gear games to boot.

A real life version? This could pass for a movie prop at least, as this papiel Solid Snake with a realistic background would make a nice casting prospect.



Solid Snake in action artwork. Watch out for falling grenades, and really do watch out for another great drawing!



 A wallpaper of Solid Snake worthy of your desktop. The added effects and background give it another boost.



A Punished Snake drawing from the halls of The Phantom Pain. Amazing what eye-hand coordination can do for the right person.



 And of course, last but not least on the table is Old Solid Snake. Complete with the Solid Eye System that is.



Do you  have any photos, drawings, or other artwork you would like to share? Cosplay acts for your favorite Konami game are also a welcome addition. So be sure to drop a comment in the box below and feel free to leave your website or blog link and I will gladly take a look at it and do an article for you. Submit your favorite Metal Gear moments or other favorite game and get noticed!

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