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Some funny moments with Solid Snake in the new Metal Gear game

September 26, 2015

WARNING - NSFW - Contains some coarse language

Now that The Phantom Pain has finally graced our living rooms, as always you will have those moments in gaming history where you just can't help but raise an eyebrow or two and even bust out laughing quite a bit. Metal Gear is certainly no exception to the rule, and for those of you who have been paying attention to the series the last 17 years, know exactly what I mean.

Some of it started with the infamous cardboard box that Solid Snake uses to move around the enemy base and ward off attention from the bad guys. 

Others involve simply trying to get their attention and hiding in some really odd places while they walk by rather mindlessly and fall into your trap. But since those days, Metal Gear games have evolved much so that we now have a fully open world game that just begs for us to take it on and spend countless hours finding more and more ways of messing with enemies, objects, and even perhaps a glitch or two to give us that extra advantage. 

The Gaming Lemon has put together a pretty long video that involves some of the most funniest moments you may encounter while playing The Phantom Pain. Much of it is rather invoked of course, with a heck of a lot of messing around going on.

Oh well, I guess if you're in the mood to just toy with the environment, and even blow up a sheep or two, then this video is for you, and just may give you some interesting ideas to boot. Just keep in mind before you play the video that it contains some coarse language. NSFW

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