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Some great artwork straight from the hearts of the Suikoden fans

April 19, 2015

Now that the PAL-Region Art Competition is over, what are the results from the fans out there who participated in it? I have to say there was some tasty apples in the bunch. Of course, all of them were appreciated, and I won't do any judging here based on the turnout available, as I will leave that up to you and the courting of public opinion.

The art competition is an event to see who can create the best artwork based on the popular and best RPG game ever created, that being Suikoden. For years the SRM, or Suikoden Revival Movement has been doing just that, on the move to get their favorite Suikoden games on formats such as PSN, Xbox Live, and even mobile formats such as Android and iOS.

So far the results have been doing well, as the few two games in the series have recently landed on both PSN (Playstation Network), and the hand held PSVita format. Now it looks like Suikoden III is about to make an appearance, as it has just been released in Japan on PSN, and Europe's PEGI rating has just given it a rating. Does that mean it will land in North America as well?

Cross your fingers, but in the meantime feel free to share some of these fantastic photos with your friends, and let them know your own passion for the series. While your at it, don't forget to check out our official Facebook page, where you can keep up with new updates and information for the awesome Suikoden series!

David Anthony Lucas (UK)

Alice Arca (Italy)

Katharina Kormann (Germany)

Denitsa Petkova (Bulgaria)

Viivi Autero (Finland)

Izabela Zarzycka - Poland

Jonathon Liong - Australia

Steven La - UK

That about wraps things up for this round, until the next one that is. So what did you think about this year's art competition? A pretty decent turnout from our beloved fans, and if you too have some artwork you would like to share, by all means simply fill out either the contact form above, or just leave a comment in the comment section below. I will take a look at your work and do a post about it for you to let the rest of the world see your beauty.

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