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Some great Hudson Soft games that want to live

October 22, 2014

I saw this post on Konami's Facebook page and thought it could use a dose of attention. Back in 2012, Konami had bought out Hudson Soft after Hudson had been going through some financial difficulties over the years.Hudson as some of you know is the original creators of great classic gems like Bomberman, Adventure Island, Far East of Eden, Bonk's Adventure and Super Star Soldier.

After being purchased by Konami, the fans wanted to know if there was even going to be a future for those titles. Now that Konami owns the IP's (Intellectual Properties) to all that Hudson Soft ever created, would they find the time and need to bring any or all of them back?

One fellow by the name of Cipher Diego on Facebook posted a nice picture of Bomberman on a milk carton. That seems like a proper place for him doesn't it? For now it does, as the real place for gems like Bomberman is back in action with a new title.

So what does Konami plan to do with the future of Hudson Soft games? Perhaps if the voices of reason is loud enough, and there are enough fans to show a large enough market, it will someday become a reality. Besides a new game, perhaps for now we could have a re-release on formats like PSN and Xbox Live? Just a thought Konami.

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