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Some impressive Metal Gear art by Cesar Octavio Celaya

October 9, 2014

The imagination is always the deepest source for inspiration when it comes to artistry, and that's certainly no exception with an artist by the name of Cesar Octavio Celaya, who lives in Monterrey, Mexico. He is a fan of Metal Gear games, and has taken the time to put together some magnificent works of art.

Most of them for Solid Snake and Big Boss, but all of them a total eye full. I always enjoy game art and those who take the time to use their talents so the rest of us can enjoy them, and these gems are among the best.

Cesar's page is located at Behance, a site dedicated to artists, graphic designers, photography, and illustration pieces created by its members. Cesar also has other works of art besides Metal Gear Solid, such as Call of Duty, WatchMen, and even Schindler's List.

Be sure to check them all out and give him a click on the "Appreciate This" button located there at the bottom of the screen. These three images you see below are only just a handful based on the links below.

via Behance


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