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Some Metal Gear character action figures you can love

October 24, 2014

Time is winding down to decide those last minute gift ideas for your friends or loved ones. So how about a nice idea to go with what few you might have left? KonamiUK had posted about this on Twitter, and I thought to myself, wow! Imagine owning a few of these gems, as they would go great as a gift idea this year. Especially in the wake of this year's and next year's releases taking place.

They are quite right, those would make a great gift idea for that Metal Gear fan in your life, even if that person happens to be you. The photos below show Liquid Snake, Ground Zeroes Solid Snake, SkullFace (a prototype somewhat), and the awesome ninja we've come to love, Raiden! That one is the Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty version.

Each figure is finely detailed, and would make a nice part of that collection you've already had building on your shelf for quite some time. Why not make it a little bigger? While the identical Big Boss looking Solid Snake will not be available for a while, you can still pre-order it. Here are the links to get Liquid Snake, Solid Snake, and Raiden for you last minute shoppers out there. Happy Holidays!

Liquid Snake
Solid Snake
Raiden (MGS2 version)

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