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Some Metal Gear fan art most would be proud of

October 27, 2014

Metal Gear this and Metal Gear that. Some might think the franchise has seen too much action. For me and perhaps you, we can't get enough. So why not a comic book series? Ashley Wood was the illustrator behind the magic of the comic book series, but a couple of fellows might have beaten him to the punch beforehand.

Josh Middleton and Ben Oliver were a couple of other artists that had made some proposal art for MGS, and as you can see, it's really something. Comic book material indeed. Eddie Deighton might also be a name you've heard of before.

Com.X is his game, as he is the co-owner of the genius comic book based site, which contains some unbelievable illustrations in itself. Eddie found the proposal art, which is posted below, and has been called the "Metal Gear that almost was".

For those of you who plan to get the Legacy Collection, you're also in for a treat if comics are a thing for you, since Ashley Wood is also the man behind the digital graphic novels that will accompany the whole set. Ashely is widely known for his concept art, cover art, and his work as an art director. People use the term "starving artist", but I don't see how he could ever starve. Ashely Wood's work doesn't stop there, you really should check out some of his other work while you're at it.

He has a blog right here at blogspot! His gallery blog is and some of those illustrations are quite impressive. You can also find some other links to his other work and Facebook account at one of his official, if not "the" official site for him. In the meantime, how about those concept illustrations below? Impressive aren't they? Some would make for some handy Metal Gear Solid wallpaper.

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