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Some NES game food for thought you may not have ever known

July 31, 2016

Who could ever forget the lovable chestnut that was the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) growing up? For those of you who are newcomers to the glory of the 8-bit world, that's an easy fix now that we have the Virtual Console on systems like the Wii and Wii-U.

Oh, and even Steam is on board with the help of Indie and Kickstarter funded campaigns that are thrown in with their titles that deliver that nostalgic look and feel of the days gone by.

The classic Nintendo console was and ever shall be an important part of gaming history, as it not only paved the way for future games, but also delivered it from the madness that Atari put it in when the great game market crashed occured back in the early 1980s.

But with all the wonderful games Nintendo and third party developers threw at us, there are a number of interesting gems about them that you may not have known. For example, remember the beloved Castlevania 2 - Simon's Quest?

After the initial success of the first Castlevania game, Konami decided to go a different route with their famous vampire hunting title and make it more of a type of "RPG Adventure" game. What gamers didn't know was that it was the first game to feature multiple endings.

Right,....depending on how long it took you to complete the game, that was the ending you receieved. The more days it took to finish the game, the worse ending you got for your efforts.

This meaning days "within the games clock", as it also turns from day to night, and vice versa of course. For those you not familiar with all three endings, see here for that example.

Another fact that blew my mind was just that. A "hands free" controller for the NES that you didn't operate with your hands, but operated by actually "blowing" into the controller with your mouth.

Yeah.....really! It was meant for the disabled, and required that you blow and suck into the controller rather than use the A and B buttons. Directional controll was also operated by your mouth.

The unit didn't sell well, but is actually now quite a collector's item for those of you out there who still want one for your NES collections. It also helpe formulate ideas for helping those who are disabled and need assistance with everyday tasks.

Here is a look at it.

img source

On another note, let's not forget (as if many ever knew) that SHARP produced a TV that had a built in NES console. Oh yeah.....kind of like how you've seen those famous TV/VCR combo units which are now floating around in thrift stores or at the local flea market. There was also a SHARP Nintendo Television that had a built in NES game system. See a couple more examples of that nugget of joy.

What will they think of next? Oh,...I think they've already covered some massive Earth with those two. So have a cup of tea, and take a look at a cool video by gameranx to give you some more food for thought on how the classic NES has thrown us all a few curve balls in its day.

Gee....I wonder if sometime in the future game consoles will start driving our cars for us and making us dinner? On second thought....perhaps that's a bad idea.

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