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Some of the best board games taking after Castlevania characters

November 11, 2014

What happens when the long time running Castlevania series gets taken out of the console and onto your coffee table? The result is one of the best board games you could play in a long time. Who would have thought that someone would take the time to put together a collection that is guaranteed to turn some heads out there. But then again, if you are this big of a fan it's no wonder.

A Castlevania board game is just about unheard of, and these photos will make you think that it was manufactured by Konami, or at least a subsidiary of it as they look real enough to eat. So where did it come from? It was the brainchild of a guy named XsimonbelmontX. A name that is certainly fitting for his personal handy work. As you can see from the photos below, a total of 11 characters and over a hundred item plus monster cards make up his board set. It even comes with its own box complete with logo as most board games should.

XsimonbelmontX posted about his new release on Reddit recently, and it has sparked much attention from other fans who would love to get an actual set for themselves. I hope Konami is listening out there, as this could make for a great selling product. I can already see some demand. Plus, looking at the photos below, can you name all the characters you see shown? Test your knowledge to see not only who each one is, but which Castlevania game they come from.

The map of course is based on the original NES 8-bit title launched back in the good old lat 1980s, while the cards are scattered across the time line for various games in the series. So while all of this is a dream that would likely never come true, it still can be a dream, and you can check out even more from the author right now at his official site, where many more up close and personal photos await you.

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