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Some of the best Castlevania games in gaming history, as told by a dedicated fan

September 10, 2016

What is a man?......I long has it been now? Oh yea, it's getting really close to 30 years that the Castlevania franchise has haunted our living rooms. Ever since I laid eyes on the first title back in 1987 for the NES console, I knew this was a keeper.

It had it all, a vampire hunter, storming through Dracula's huge castle, and more spooky enemies than you shake a cross at. So what it is that makes us love the Castlevania series so much? Well, besides what I just said, it is the style of game play (yes I said game play) that gamers want.

It isn't about the graphics in video games, and it never was. It has been, and always will be about the game play.

It's the same reason why there are so many retrogamers out there, and even in the middle of a gaming market filled with gigantic open world games that utilize the most realistic graphics, characters, and high definition technology, the market still has a place for this style of game, and the companies who develop them had better not forget it.

I don't care if they think THIS generation has come and gone, and there IS no market for these 2D style games anymore. The fact that there are so many Kickstarter and Indie projects out there already that have succeeded greatly and had so much support have proven that aspect totally wrong. Am I right?

Well enough of my rant, as one fan has taken the time to put together a nice video showcasing the top 10 Castlevania games of all time. At least as far as he's concerned, and I must admit, he did include a number of them I personally love in their.

Perhaps not in the same order I would have put them, but nonetheless he did include them. My own favorite hand held title being Order of Ecclesia. I just can't get enough of Shanoa, and I really wish Konami (or another company that obtains the license) would make a sequel, or another title just like it.

Take a look below, and for those of you who might be starting anew in the world of Castlevania games, you may see a title or two in there you didn't know about. That's why it's important to watch these videos isn't it? Discovering games you haven't played before is almost as fun as actually playing them for the first time.

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