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Some of the best custom made consoles based on Konami games

April 15, 2015

It had to happen sooner or later right? If you grew up during the 1980s, or are simply a fan of Nintendo's NES 8-bit system, then chances are you have stumbled upon a few games that bring back memories of a bygone era of gaming. Ones that beg for a total replay and desire to take a walk back down 8-bit memory lane. Among those obviously are a few choice Konami games that you simply can't forget.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Contra, Metal Gear, and Castlevania just to name a few. How popular are they? So much so that one fan took the time to make custom NES consoles based on them.

How do you turn your Nintendo console into a TMNT, Castlevania, Metal Gear, or Contra themed console? Why not ask Customnesguy. Yes, Custom-NES-Guy, a guy who makes custom nes consoles. From the unit itself, right down to the very tip of the controller. If it was a popular 8-bit game, chances are you will find a NES console with a theme based on it.

The amount of detail and work that went into his designs is so brilliant and fine, you would think a machine had put them together.

So far the Metal Gear one has to be my personal favorite. Why? How about a "see through" window on top? Who would have ever though of that? Jared Smith that's who. The man behind the mask of taking whatever console you want, and turning it into gaming masterpiece. Jared is good at what he does, and for the right price you too can have your own "game themed" console sitting in your living room.

Your friends will be jealous, and your wife or girlfriend will think you're flat out crazy! But you will be the only one on the block who has what everyone else badly wants. Even the Angry Video Game Nerd has one made using his theme!

A close runner up is Castlevania, my favorite game series. The artwork is the exact same as the box cover itself, and is so detailed and precise I'm wondering how long it took for him to put that sucker together. You need a side by side comparison just to begin to appreciate how well it's made. Trust me. It's like the cover art itself is looking into a mirror.

Custom-Nes-Guy's wife modeling for TMNT console

So where oh where can I find out more about this you ask? How do you get into contact with Jared and have him make a custom console mod, you ask? You can catch him on Facebook, as well as check out a page with some of his listing using the links below.

In the meantime, how about checking out a few videos that should highlight some of his handy work a bit better? You might want to bring a napkin to wipe some of that drool off of your chin.

Custom Nes Guy on Facebook

Custom Nes Listings

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