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Some of the best Silent Hill game art for your eyes

December 16, 2014

Every now and then I will take a few moments to look up a few choice items on the Internet in the world of drawing and painting to see what sparks my interest. It seems I struck another gold vein as this time it involved none other than Silent Hill 3.

Heather Mason to be precise, and these are some of the best Heather drawings I've seen in a long time. Sometimes even Konami themselves will host an art contest for games like Metal Gear to see who can create the best drawings for characters from the series, and now that the next Silent Hill is in development you can bet there will be a huge buffet of cosplay, art, and whatever else you can dream up.

Vee Chayakul weighs in with some fantastic Heather Mason art, a guy from Thailand who has been a member of DeviantArt for about 8 years now. These are  just a few to gaze upon, with some being pencil drawings and others oil based. Yet all of them and many of his other creations are quite good. DeviantArt itself has been a site dedicated to artists from all over the world who submit their work for others to enjoy.

It has to be the best site out there to find talent like this as far as I'm concerned. Silent Hill is just the tip of the iceberg for fans of Konami games, as they have an extensive library of both cosplay acts and artwork for other titles too such as Castlevania and Metal Gear.

Do you have any works you would like the world to see? Perhaps you have a cosplay act or something similar you want to share. You can do so by leaving a comment in the comment section below along with a website address if you have one. I will gladly take a look at it and do a post about it if you like.

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