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Some personal favorite picks for Shanoa cosplay

January 26, 2015

Back in October of 2008 when Castlevania Order of Ecclesia launched, I had personally been keeping up with all of the new photos and video trailers that were surfacing for it. What kept my eye on this particular Nintendo DS gem was the fact that Konami had decided to change the course of the series by altering a few elements in it.

This time around the main character and protagonist was a female named Shanoa. Sure there have been females characters in past Castlevania games like Sonia Belmont and Maria Renard, but this i was a first in the series to officially have an authentic heroin.

I of course say it was about time, as there is nothing that goes better in a vampire hunting game like a woman with tattoos on her back, along with an incredible soundtrack that will have you coming back for more. The release of Order of Ecclesia also noted two other welcomed aspects, such as a new "glyph" type attack system, and the ability to absorb special powers to boot.

You also noticed another factor about the game's environment, which now meant that you didn't just move around inside of a castle all of the time, but now were introduced to multiple types of outdoor settings, which included forests, massive lakes, and caves.

As a tribute to Shanoa, which is my favorite Castlevania character, here are some personal cosplay picks floating around on the Internet from some of the best performances from fans of the series. These ladies seem to adore her as much as I, and if you have any cosplay acts of your own you would like to submit, feel free to do so and leave your information in the comment section below. I will take a look at them and possibly do an article about it.

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