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Some personal picks for Suikoden cosplay performances

October 19, 2014

The members of DeviantArt never fail to both surprise me, and shock me. One thing I would love to see more of, is the great Suikoden cosplay photos below. The Suikoden game series has caught the hearts of more than just a few, so much that these folks have taken their precious time to put together their own self made cosplay outfits and show off some of their cool stuff.

Hugo - Yuber and Sarah - Suikoden III

From the depths of Suikoden III - That is some nice blonde hair, I wonder where they found it? Cosplay by PasNRaine

Suikoden Stoic

Something about a girl with elf ears always gets a guy going. This Suikoden Stoic cosplay performed by ValNika certainly shows that women will always have a proper place in RPG games. 

The original - Suikoden 1 - PSX

Is this a touch of magic or what? From the bowels of Suikoden 1 for the PS1, "I will always be with you Young Master" - as portrayed by cosplay actor imari-yumiki.

Suikoden II - The Shredding cosplay

Yet another touching scene from what is likely the best Suikoden game ever created. Try also getting your hands on a copy of Suikoden 2 from a retail outlet, as I've seen it sell for as much as $600 on places like Amazon. Talk about a rare game. This cosplay comes from actor Kotodama.

Suikoden cosplay fight scene

You can't have a cosplay for Suikoden without a fight scene right? These two are going at it next to what appears to be a dock next to an ocean or lake. Not sure exactly where, perhaps you might. Cosplay performance by nezukuro.

Do you have any cosplay photos based on Suikoden? How about any game made by Konami will do just fine. If you do and would like to share it and have me do a post about it so others will see it, just let me know in the comment section below. I will be happy to accommodate you. Also don't forget to join us on Facebook and be a part of the Revival Movement. Almost 22,000 members and growing.

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