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Some Silent Hill statues you would die for

October 27, 2014

This probably the third time I've talked about this, and for good reason too. Because it's just so darn cool! ToyMunkey Studios may be a name you've heard of before. One thing they are definitely good at, is making Silent Hill figures, with some amazing detail and clarity to boot.

Now that the Comic Con event in San Diego took off, some new figures have been brought to light, and they deserve a second look if you are a fan of Silent Hill games. The top one is the beloved Heather, from Silent Hill 3, followed by Robbie the Rabbit, the infamous nurse, and the all time favorite Pyramid Head. The amount of work that went into making these beauties was quite a bit, with special attention given to detail and color to make them look just right.

So how would these figures weigh in on your wallet? How about $150 just for Pyramid Head alone? They definitely don't come off an assembly line along with a thousand others with that price tag. The official site for ToyMunkey Studios shows some other prices and figures where you can also place a pre-order if you wish.

They've been into the toy collectible industry for about two decades now, with this studio launching just last year. So the Comic Con is only the beginning, as I can't wait to see some of their future handy work released. Where can you purchase these figures? As of right now, they don't have a list of retail outlets, but you can email them for inquires for buying wholesale. Perhaps that would be cheaper than an actual store. As their slogan says, definitely ALVL-UP in toys.

Be sure to check out a "Red Pyramid Thing" video below while your at it. 


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