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Some Snake box comedy to go with your popcorn and drink

October 29, 2014

Let's go back a bit first, to the first Metal Gear Solid game on the PS1. Remember how you could hide in a box, and move around confusing the idiotic henchmen who can't see the forest before the trees?, gee I wish we could still do that. Well maybe we can, or at least someone had the guts to do it. No shame involved, just some fun and humor to make unsuspecting people wonder what in the world is going on.

The picture below was taken on the streets of Dublin, and you can see a couple sets of eyes in the background sort of smiling and yet a bit confused about what this person is trying to do. Why he is imitating his favorite character of course, Solid Snake! Good for him, Metal Gear Solid is one of those games that does take itself seriously, so what is wrong with some Solid Snake humor to brighten up your day?

Oh but I'm not letting it end there, no sir. First I want to bring you up to speed for you folks out there who don't understand this sort of thing or haven't been familiar with the first Metal Gear Solid. So I cherry picked a video for you to watch which shows Solid Snake in the the first MGS game messing around with a guard. The following two videos are done with someone doing the same to others in real life.

You're going to laugh your butts off when you see all three of them. It's Wal-Mart and Grocery store tactical espionage action!


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