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Someone could be stealing your YuGiOh cards

October 9, 2014

This is the third time, or maybe the 4th time as I've lost count on hearing about someone stealing YuGiOh! cards. The first two times I can recall it was from a comic book and card dealer store. This time it occurred between friends. Yes, friends. I guess you just can't trust anyone these days. According to a post at Kōbe Shinbun NEXT, two 20 year old friends went to their teenage friends house back in February 18th, and discovered that he wasn't there. No problem so far right?

The friends proceeded to go into the house, and found his 320 Yu-Gi-Oh! card collection, and then decided to make off with them. The cards are estimated to be worth around 70,000 yen, or in the neighborhood of $700. The two 20 year old men confessed to the theft and said that they had planned to resell the cards. Remember people, make sure you know who your real friends are, seriously. If they steal your card collection, they will steal anything.

A woman was reported one time to have her identity stolen and used by her own best friend, putting her at over $100,000 in debt. After going through a nightmare of getting out of the situation, it almost happened again. This time from her son's own best friend. Watch your back.

via Kōbe Shinbun NEXT

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