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Someone will fill those blood thirsty vampire shoes soon

October 9, 2014

So the last Castlevania release wasn't exactly what you had expected was it? It was for some, but for others who have a been a long time fan of the classic 2D vampire killing action, it left them somewhat in the graveyard. Perhaps the last best one to come out was Harmony of Despair, but does that really mean you have to do just that, despair?

Of course not, your voice is just as loud as mine, and the more the merrier I say. It's certainly time to take a serious look into making the series produce a full comeback, one that would please the fans like you and I with a dose of what SOTN gave us in so many ways.

One site has an answer, and one that I would fully back if it were only made a reality. Vanillaware is the name, and a special niche for making great 2D titles is their game. Muramasa: The Demon Blade is a prime example, and think if it were transformed into you know what. At Thekoalition recently, they made a solid point about how Vanillaware's ability to deliver such robust visuals and game play have the kind of appeal that long time Castlevania fans have been craving for years now.

The series started out in 2D, and while there is nothing wrong with producing a 3D title every now and then, provided it's done properly, it's only fitting to throw a good classic based game in the mix along with it.

There's room for both in this world isn't there? How about some of your thoughts, what kind of new game would you like to see, how should it be made, and who should make it? Bring back some memories with SOTN below.

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