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Special play through for the original Gradius game

October 27, 2014

More and more these days I keep seeing speed runs of classic games. Games that include anything from Castlevania, to the first Metal Gear game. Well, here is a recent speed run that someone by the name of MrShu has done, in order to celebrate having 100 subscribers to his site. Not a bad way to celebrate if you ask me.

Gradius was the classic hit that he picked, and considering what a gem of a hit it has always been, it's certainly worth taking a look at this long time running series, as he plays it from start to finish. Yes, all the way through. Classic video games like this should never die.

Bear in mind, that as you watch it, it also contains commentary along the way. This guy is so good at Gradius, he is actually discussing the game while he his playing it. I would say that he has certainly mastered it by now, don't you think. The commentary is also in French, as MrShu is speaking it throughout his speed run video of Gradius. So if you don't speak French, don't worry, just enjoy the game play, as he seems to get himself out of some nasty traps within the game.

This is likely better than I could play it. No Konami code included. Nice job indeed MrShu.


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