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Splatterhouse: Jennifer Smells of Rot - Horror Movie

October 31, 2014
Rick failed you Jennifer! But I wonder, can you save yourself?

My name is Gareth Morgan and I'm an Independent film maker that has been making films and shorts with no financial assistance for several years. You can view more of my work here! 

ZenithfilmsUK Youtube channel

'Splatterhouse: Jennifer Smells of Rot' follows the story of the hit video game franchise Splatterhouse. Set between the first and second game, the film tells the story of Jennifer Willis. Rick failed to save her and has been institutionalised for his mad ramblings of a Mansion full of demons, a Mask of immense power and also accused of the murder of Jennifer. Meanwhile the Terror Mask finds Jennifer in Hell and poses her the question 'Can you save yourself?' Jennifer dons the Terror Mask and attempts to escape from Hell and West Mansion while trying not to lose herself to the power and temptation of the Mask.

I have wanted to tell this story for sometime now and believe I am at that point in my career that I can create the distinctive world of Splatterhouse through my story telling skills and use of my unique art style, which I believe compliments the aesthetic of Splatterhouse perfectly.

To prove this I have already created a short teaser trailer of Splatterhouse: Jennifer Smells of Rot, with no financial assistance, that features Jennifer and the Mask, which has generated a huge buzz within the community.

To turn this trailer into a full feature film I am going to need a budget and to achieve this I am going to need your help.

By donating you will be helping me make the Splatterhouse film that you have always wanted to see that myself and my team are incredibly passionate about!

A film that you get to be apart of! What's more exciting than that?! Donate or share and help us make it a reality!


$690 USD Raised of $1,500 GOAL

Bore Worms

A digital download of the finished film and 5 custom Splatterhouse: Jennifer Smells of Rot desktop wallpapers.


Signed DVD/Bluray copy of Splatterhouse: Jennifer Smells of Rot and 10 Splatterhouse: Jennifer Smells of Rot desktop wallpapers

Biggy Man

Your name and image into the final film of Splatterhouse: Jennifer Smells of Rot plus signed DVD/Bluray copy and 10 desktop wallpapers

Mirror Rick

Digital and signed DVD/Bluray copy of Splatterhouse: Jennifer Smells of Rot, 10 Desktop wallpapers, Name/Image in final film. Exclusive poster signed by the cast and crew

Evil Cross

Producer credit and all of the above perks
10 remaining

Hell Chaos

Digital and signed DVD/Bluray copy of Splatterhouse: Jennifer Smells of Rot, 10 Desktop wallpapers, Name/Image in final film, Exclusive poster signed by the cast and crew, Producer credit and a Signed copy of the entire Splatterhouse: Jennifer Smells of Rot Storyboard
1 remaining



The Cast

Over my years of being a film maker I have developed the perfect team of actors that believe in my work and have shown undying commit towards my style, characters and stories. They are an incredibly talented team that can produce unparalleled and believable characters within the worlds that I create.

Jade Louise Jennifer Willis 

Jade has featured in many of my film projects & her most recent role was playing the part of Maria/Mary in my up coming feature film Silent Hill Requiem. Jade also works as a model and has a large portfolio.



 Gareth Morgan Rick Taylor 

I have first started out as an artist, from their I progressed into writing and acting. I then ran my own Physical Theatre and Dance company and after writing my first novel became a film maker after graduating from University with a First Class honours Degree in Film.



 Stephen Brown Doctor Henry West

Stephen has also been working with me for many years. His unique acting ability is what spear headed the success of my short film EPiSODE that premiered at the 2012 Raindance Film Festival. Stephen also spends a lot of his time treading the boards in a variety of different stage productions.



The Crew

I have the unique experience that I write, direct, edit and do all the visual effects on my work. These skills I have developed over my entire career as an artist from when I was a writer, actor, dancer and photographer. I of course can not do everything and I work with an exceptional crew in all other aspects of film making

Gareth Morgan Writer, Director, Editor & Visual effects

Rob "Stangman" Strangman Official Consultant - Splat-fan since 1990, webmaster of West Mansion: The Splatterhouse Homepage from 2001-2011, consultant on Splatterhouse [2010, PS3/360]

Sewed Souls Costumes Costume Designer, Wardrobe & Fabricator

Marina Makarova Sound Design

What We Need & What You Get

To turn Splatterhouse: Jennifer Smells of Rot from a trailer into a feature film I have calculated that the minimum I can do it for is $1,500! This may seem like a small amount but this is because I already have access to all my own equipment and studio to make my films.

By donating to this film you will receive some awesome rewards, along with the knowledge that you have helped the creation of a brilliant Splatterhouse movie.

So where do your donations go?

• Actors (The most important part of the film.)

• Props (Specific items that have appeared within the games.)

• Transportation (To get to and from the studio)

• Wardrobe (Costumes for the actors and the monsters)

The Impact

Your contributions will make this project a reality.

I usually rely on the free time of my team to help me create my work, that's fine for making short films but isn't possible for making a feature film, which is a far more in depth procedure and requires constant dedication.

With having a budget means we can work solidly on the project until its completion.

You don't have to donate to help

I appreciate that not everyone has the ability to donate to this project, but if it's still something that is of interest to you there are ways you can help!

Why not share this project on your social media pages like Facebook and Twitter.

Just by getting the word out there and helping this campaign go viral is payment enough

Thank you so much

Thank you for taking a look at this page and project. I am so thankful for your contributions, interest, but most of all your support! This project wouldn't have the opportunity to exist if it wasn't for you!

To follow our progress join us on Facebook!

Let's make an awesome project together!

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So how goes the project? I see it hasn't reached it's goal as of yet. Does this mean it's not green lighted yet?

LOVE the teaser, I can't wait to see this new movie finished! Looking good!

I hope to see the Splatterhouse movie get fully funded! This is so cool!